Fossils in Sand

   Fossil remains of organisms may be found in sands. Marine fossils are occasionally found in sands found far removed from current ocean shorelines. They are clues that the region was once covered by an ocean. Specific fossils illustrate the biodiversity of the area in past geologic time.

Bryozoans and more
Cemex Quarry, Clinchfield, Georgia
Bryozoans and mollusks
Savigné-sur-Lathan, Indre-et-Loire, France
Petrified wood
Coal Creek, Oregon
Shark teeth
Shark Tooth Ridge, New Mexico
Strait of Juan de Fuca, Neah Bay, Washington
Nummulites (forams)
Quarry in Paris area, France
Belemnites  (Squid-like)
Pryor Mountains, Montana
Little Barren River, Sulphur Well Historic District, KY
Fossil amber
Juodkrante Beach, Curonian Spit, Lithuania
Devonian Marine Organisms
Fossil & Prairie Park Preserve, Rockford, Iowa
Pyramid Lake, Nevada
Pentacrinus Stems
Graybull, Wyoming
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