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   Welcome. We like to photograph and write about sand.

   Everyone knows sand. Sand is that stuff that gets between our toes on the beach and feels grainy.  It can be red, white, green, pink, black or some combination of colors. When looked at closely, sand can be a beautiful mixture of broken bits of rocks and minerals, pieces of shells and skeletons of aquatic life, entire miniature organisms, and detritus of human activity.

While some might argue that “sand” is composed solely of minerals, most arenophiles (sand collectors) accept sand with biogenic bits, even 100%, as “sand.” And, strictly speaking, sand is a sediment size. Grains between 1/16 mm to 2 mm are sand. “Sand” is really a size! However sand is also what you find at the beach and often is larger than the 2mm of the scientist. 

Some people collect sand for fun. Some collect sand for scientific reasons.  Forensic geologists collect sands and sediments from crime scenes for use in their investigations. From location to location, sands can be beautiful and very different.

Sands have stories and we would like to relate a few.

The authors of this site are three educators with scientific backgrounds and a curiosity for the natural world.  We enjoy collecting sand, analyzing the bits within, and sharing our art and discoveries.

For twelve years, we have collaborated to write and photograph an annual sand calendar. Individually or together, we have led workshops, written papers and books, illustrated posters, textbooks and articles and traded a lot of sand with friends around the world.

At times our professional lives have involved sand but this web site has no reflection or involvement of any of our employers, past or present. It's all for fun folks.  We hope you enjoy our efforts to share.

Splendid Sands 2021 calendar
Carol Hopper Brill
Carol Hopper Brill
Kate Clover
Kate Clover
Leo Kenney
Leo Kenney

We encourage suggestions and assistance for our Splendid Sands effort.  Contact us through the form below. Your email address will not be published or shared.

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