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Two Lights State Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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   The bedrock at Two Lights State Park is phyllite, a soft metamorphic rock composed of layers of dark mica and quartzite. Because of its slatey nature, phyllite splinters into rectangular rods or blades. This broken up rock is found on the rocky shore. 

   Phyllite somewhat resembles petrified wood due to quartzite layers that have weathered to a wood-grain texture. This rock originated as sediments in a deep-ocean basin where layers of clay interbedded with sand grains. Then the minerals recrystallized under long periods of heat and pressure to form into the metamorphic rock.

   Two Lights State Park is named for the pair of Cape Elizabeth Lights nearby but outside the park. Only the eastern most Light remains active.


Metamorphic rocks on the Cape Elizabeth, Maine coast.

Leo Kenney


Phyllite splinters at Two Lights State Park, Maine.

Leo Kenney

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